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Gamers are a clever bunch. Not such a great amount in the ha-ha sense, but rather more in the marginally peculiar sense. Give them a computer game and they’ll insatiably devour it, paying little mind to how old or new it is, insofar as it’s great.On the other hand totally vital.

This implies retro games and the gadget that run with them are generally as prone to excite and enchant gamers as the most recent Triple-AAA titles. Particularly if the gaming nerd being referred to is of a specific age and has a solid touch of sentimentality appended to the past period of gaming.

Retro Gaming Gadgets for Geeks

In light of this, we introduce a rundown of eight magnificent retro gaming contraptions that nerds (of a specific age) will probably pine for. Included are an arcade bureau, two or three home consoles, several handheld consoles, and considerably more other than.

We’re not promising you’ll cherish each one of these retro gaming contraptions, however we associate some with you will make a beeline for eBay straight subsequent to understanding this article just to determine the status of costs. Then again, on the off chance that you understand you have one of the accompanying shrouded away some place in your home, now might be an ideal opportunity to bring it out of retirement.

Pac-Man Game Watch

This is Pac-Man, a standout amongst the most vital recreations ever, on a watch. What’s not to love? Tragically, it’s so uncommon, particularly confined and working condition, that you’ll need to pay a lovely penny keeping in mind the end goal to get hold of one. Still, it’s Pac-Man on a watch. All in all, what are you sitting tight for?

The Original NES

The Nintendo Entertainment System was initially dispatched in Japan in 1983, making it over 30 years of age. It reformed the gaming business, despite everything it remains the top of the line recreations console ever. Owning one now implies owning a bit of history, and some of its 8-bit recreations can in any case captivate.

The Sega Game Gear

The Game Gear may have neglected to defeat the might of the Game Boy, yet Sega’s splendid handheld games console had parcels letting it all out toward the begin of the 1990s. Many amusements were discharged for the framework, some of which have figured out how to stand the test of time. It’s huge, it’s dark, and it’s excellent.

Space rocks Deluxe Arcade Cabinet

It’s the fantasy of numerous a nerd to possess a genuine, full-sized, working arcade bureau. Furthermore, any genuine nerd would be hard-pushed to locate a superior choice than Asteroids Deluxe. Space rocks is another amusement that changed the world, and here is a definitive rendition as found in its unique structure. Purchase one. Presently.

Mickey Mouse MC-25 Game and Watch

Playing a Game and Watch diversion now is a work of affection. They’re fun, yet more for nostalgic reasons than whatever else. Still, in case you’re going to play any Game and Watch, pick the Mickey Mouse MC-25, which is one of the better alternatives, as well as sufficiently uncommon to be a genuine friendly exchange.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was madly mainstream in the UK amid the 1980s. You claimed one of these delights or a Commodore 64, both of which put you one stage in front of your non-quirky brethren. The ZX Spectrum +3 with its 128 KB of RAM and implicit floppy circle drive made this the premium rendition, it’s still a little pearl of a machine.

The GameShark Cheat Cartridge

This clearly just applies to those of you who officially own one of the consoles for which the GameShark was discharged. What’s more, particularly the first PlayStation, which genuinely profit by its additional usefulness. While utilizing the GameShark could bring about issues with recreations, it was all made beneficial when you found a code that broadened the lifespan of your most loved title.


Have you ever seen a Casio F-91W Digital Watch before? If you haven’t, then, you are missing a lot on the wonderful features it has that makes life easy.

Casio F-91W Digital Watch is an innovative retro watch that leads in this age of high technology. It is a fantastic plastic digital watch with resin straps, high longevity and great design.

Other features of this watch include:

  1. Stopwatch (good to time yourself in seconds, especially during sports)
  2. Alarm clock (set the clock to ring bell at a set time so you don’t wake up or go to meetings late)
  3. Calculator (you don’t have to stress your brain. Helps you quickly do some calculations.
  4. Calendar (helps you with date whenever you forget)

The simplicity, time-telling properties, and extreme durability of Casio F-91W Digital Watch are the reasons for its enduring popularity. This master piece has the classic 7-segment numerical display on a grey LCD screen with back light, and very accurate with water-resistant (30 meters / splash resistant)

Other features include:

  1. Very strong lens. Not easily shattered
  2. A digital display resin case with quality performance.
  3. 15mm wide bracelet with buckle – very strong and durable
  4. State-of-the-art technology that guarantees accurate time keeping.

This retro and contemporary watch is the choice of millions of people around the globe. Hurry now and get yours.

Star Wars the Force Awakens Chewbacca Electronic Mask

If you have been following Social Media recently, you are surely familiar with the Chewbacca mask that makes realistic “roars” which is extremely similar to the sound Chewie makes in the movie. From the children who are obsessed with the Start Wars franchise to the adults who have been following Star Wars since the 70s up to now, this retro toy will surely keep you entertained for a long time.

The product is make with a thick plastic that gives a very solid and strong feeling, without being flimsy like many toys which came out as merchandise. It is extremely similar to the movie version in looks, and therefore can be a collector’s item as well as a fun toy to play around despite your age. The most special feature in this retro toy is the realistic Chewbacca roar that comes when you open your mouth. If you open it slightly, the toy will give a light roar while if you open your mouth wider, the roar will get higher in volume. Try not to laugh when you wear it and it makes the sound that beloved wookie makes as him, and Han Solo goes around the universe caring the villains and scum.

This mask/toy can me couple with your role play gear to add an extra effect with the roar. The straps in the behind of this retro toy will keep it secure to your head while you are wearing it, so you can jump and run around all you want without having to worry about the mask falling down. The detailing in the design is great, making it look identical to Chewie in the movies, and by changing the width of your mouth when you make the “roar”, you can make growls, howls and even affectionate conversational voices that Chewbacca makes in the movies. It is a greatly creative piece of work, and with a little bit of creativity from your side, you can make it even better.

The box comes with one of these retro toys along with a set of instructions to make it easier for you to use them. There is no age limit for the toy – while it is recommended by the manufacturer that it is not for children under 36 months. Star Wars the Force Awakens Chewbacca Electronic Mask is intended for domestic use only. And the children who use it should it should do with adult supervision due to the mask being an electronic device. The mask requires two AAA batteries to power up, which will be included in your initial purchase. Later you have to replace them as they wear to continue to enjoy the wookie sounds.

Topjoy Full HD 2.0 inch Screen Waterproof Sports Action Helmet Camera Sports DV Camcorder 140 Degree Wide Lens Review

Meta description: If you are an individual with great attraction towards capturing videos under water, the sports action Camcorder from Topjoy can be the best investment for you.

Without any doubt, exploring things underwater is a real fun. If you are an individual, who frequently do scuba diving, you might have or not have tried out capturing videos under water. If you are planning to do such a thing for the first time, it is highly important that the camcorder that you select for underwater capturing should bring the best results. This is where the Topjoy 1080 Pixel Full High definition camera with a 2-inch screen can be of great help to you, which can be worn as a helmet camera under water. Not just in such a case, but also when you are engaged in sporting activities like snow sliding, this waterproof unit can bring you excellent results.

Important features:

In this review, it becomes important to explore the most effective and important features of the camera, such that you can arrive at informed decision pertaining to shopping for this unit from Topjoy:

Excellent performance:

This camera comes with a 140 degree super wide angle lens, and also it brings excellent operability feature when you cannot use your hands while in swimming or in snow sliding. The 2 inch LTPS LCD will also bring you excellent capturing experience.

Humanized design:

When you are underwater, even though, you cannot feel your body weight, you cannot carry heavy materials along with you. So, this unit comes in an ultra-compact design to make it easier to carry under water.

Moment recording:

Certain moments should never be missed from capturing and the images captured on these moments are worth several dollars and they are even priceless states some people. You need not miss out capturing your moments with its 1080 HD videos and images on this camera. Also, it comes with various accessories to make your hands free when recording underwater or when you are slow sliding.

Steady videos and smoother images:

Not just for motion pictures, you can use this great unit for capturing smoother images that you can use for relishing your moments under water for several decades. Besides these things, the multi-language ability of this camera will make it the best choice, irrespective of whether your mother tongue is Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, English, French, Russian, Spanish or any other foreign languages to keep your moments preserved in the form of images and motion pictures.

Now, you might be wondering whether there is a case to ensure the safety of the camcorder underwater. You need not have to worry as this unit has an excellent case to ensure double protection. Most people, who have used this unit under water, are highly satisfied with its performance and also they are highly satisfied with the quality of the video and photos captured under water as well.

So, if you are a frequent diver, investing on this unit can be the best move that you can ever make.

Luckies of London Version 2.0 Smartphone Projector

Meta description: You might have connected your smartphone to view videos on the big screen, but have you ever thought of viewing the content in even bigger screen?

Even though, many of us these days own wider screen smartphones, at some point in time we get frustrated about holding the phone in hand for long for watching a video or film. Particularly, this kind of holding can be highly frustrating, if you are an individual, who enjoy watching movies by lying on a comfortable bed. Here comes the Luckies of London Version 2.0 Smartphone Projector. This projector will help you with hands-free watching of videos, films and related contents from your smartphone on a wider wall. Now, it is time to understand the crucial specifications of this product:

Technical specifications:

  • This projector is made out of cardboard
  • When you purchase it, you can just use out of the box without engaging in any assembling works
  • This projector can handle your phone up to the size of 3.14 inches x 6.30 inches.
  • If you are an iPhone user, the thing you should remember here is that the latest iPhones will fit right into this projector.
  • As it is made out of cardboard, the boxed product weight is just 386 grams.
  • Product dimension is 18.5 x 17.5 x 10.4 cm

Now, with these technical specifications, you should be interested in understanding the important features of the projector:

Ready to use:

Even though, projectors providing a bigger view of the contents from the smartphone are already available in the market, they are not meant for ready use. The buyers will have to do some simple assembling works to get the projector ready to watch their favorite videos. But, Luckies of London Version 2.0 smartphone projector comes ready to use. You can just open the packing and can just place your phone in the appropriate place and can choose the video to be played on a bigger wall. It is light, compact and portable as well for easy usage.